Hot Yoga



This is a beginners Hatha Yoga practice. The class consists of 26 postures practiced in a specific order, each posture complimenting the next. This moving meditation works the entire body from bone to skin and head to toe. If you are looking to build and tone muscle along with weight loss, reducing stress and finishing class with more energy than you began with … Hot Yoga is for You! Open to all levels.


Core Power Yoga


This is a westernized Ashtanga flow class. An upbeat class that will have you moving, sweating, strengthening, and releasing. The primary focus is breath control, stacking of joints, and core strengthening. This Power Vinyasa Flow (breath-connected movement) strengthens, balances, and detoxifies mind, body, and soul. Open to all levels.


Restorative Yoga


Restorative classes are very relaxing and a compliment to more active yoga classes. Class will start with a gentle warm up to open up the body for longer holding of postures, usually several minutes in each asana. Props are used to aid in comforting the body as you sit in stillness and work the mind into relaxation.




The Fusion Yoga class incorporates the 26 postures of the Hot Yoga series by fusing and introducing the power flow series. This is a great class for the student looking to ease into a power class but continue to benefit from the ever so healing Hot Yoga series. Open to all levels.


Schedule and Waiver

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